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Family Officer

PL&A is held in the service of fortunate customers in search of advice, of expertise, of skills, of transparency and of independence in the organization and the global management of their heritage.

PL&A advises and coordinates all the services. PL&A is the experimented conductor, a confidant and an independent who is able to analyze and understand all the requirements of the customers.

By his abilities to listen, his professionalism, his availability, PL&A advises the customers to find the solutions adequate to their demands.

PL&A works in close collaboration with specialists of the various domains concerned by the global management of your heritage, in a spirit of protection of the values and the family traditions. PL&A advises and chooses with the customers the specialists the most adapted to their needs, organizes the follow-up and the control of their actions, as the charged expenses, estimates their performances and challenge permanently the selected experts.

Family Officer is the council and the permanent contact with all the partners in charge of the organization and the optimal management of the heritage of the customers, resting on partners selected for their skills and their capacity to be supplied with "custom-made" solutions.

The recognized skills of the Luxemburg Financial center, its sense of the anticipation, its political stability, associated to pragmatic legal and fiscal structures incited PL&A to choose the Luxembourg to offer a high-level range of services required by an international clientele in search of an appropriate environment and to be the center of coordination of the services to this clientele.

PL&A is your permanent contact and the link with all the partners in charge of the optimal management of the heritage of the customers.

Council - Adviser - Coordination - Administration - Structuring - Negotiation – Control

Partnerships with the recognized actors of the financial sector:

  • Management Companies
  • Real Estate experts
  • Insurance companies
  • Tax experts
  • Audit firms
  • Accounting firms

Our book

L'ETAT DU GRAND-DUCHE DE LUXEMBOURG by Marc Feyereisen et Brigitte Louise Pochon

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